Banking Evaluations

In accordance with the State Depository Board and Office of the State Treasurer Bank Policy (the "Policy"), state entities are to review their banking relationships on a pre-determined, multi-year schedule. The Office of the State Treasurer (OST) is pleased to assist state entities and banks in this process by providing the instructions and forms to be used in obtaining information on bank accounts, bank services and bank fees. OST will provide a set of instructions and a state entity questionnaire for the state entity’s use. On their behalf, we will then forward the following forms to the banks which are to be considered in the evaluation process.

                  Instructions to Banks

                  Bank Fee Schedule

For the convenience of the state entity and the banks, the instructions to the state entity, a state entity questionnaire and the instructions to the banks are posted on our OST website. Please contact OST Banking Services for the bank templates to be used in the evaluation.

For all accounts in the OST Bank Program, OST will provide the state entity’s Bank Fee Schedules to all Bank Fee Program participating banks. For all non-Bank Fee Program accounts, we ask that the state entity considers all OST Bank Program banks as well as any other bank(s) with a branch within a reasonable distance from its office(s). Banks must complete and include in their responses a Bank Fee Schedule and a pro forma account analysis for each bank account.